About 143 Ministries

143 Ministries International was birthed from the personal ministry of Cliff and Ana Nobles. 143, which actually means "I Love You," is a number that has followed them for years. Through incarcerations and addiction, deliverance andĀ freedom, and now giving back to others who are in the same situation they once were, God has continuously proven His love for them and reminded them of it by placing the number 143 in sight as a constant reminder of His love. Their desire is to show others that same love and constant reminder that no matter how far one may fall, with God there's always still hope!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to walk in the fullness of Christ in such a way that others will desire and seek the hope we carry for themselves.

Our Team

Cliff Nobles
Jack Henley
Jeff Jarrett
Mandy Metzler
Nicole Quick