143 IOP

 143IOP is an Intensive Outpatient Recovery Program. Our mission is to provide the same in-depth recovery program that is available in our inpatient housing to individuals who may not be able to dedicate 90 days away from their careers or families. We believe that the 12-steps of A.A. coupled with a true relationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation for long-term, meaningful sobriety. 

Clients will be required to attend three sessions per week. Each session is three hours and clients will have the ability to choose between morning and night sessions to accommodate work/family schedules. Sessions will consist of teachings, study hall and interactive discussion time. Individuals will be led through the 12 steps and learn the truth about themselves and their addiction. We believe dedication and willingness will be the keys to success in 143IOP.


For more information, contact 1-800-560-7143 ext. 3

143 Ministries International is recognized as a drug and alcohol treatment facility in the state of Georgia.