Katherine’s Way

Katherine’s Way has a unique, Christ-centered approach that brings women into relationship with the ultimate power source, Jesus Christ. As we continue to grow, here are some of the noteworthy moments and numbers for 2020:

55% completion rate during the year in which overdoses increased by over 18%

76% of those who completed our intensive program transitioned to our aftercare program

Nearly 60% of those who completed aftercare remain sober today (the national average is 6%)

Our aftercare/transition program continues to be challenged to provide enough bedspace for women post graduation.

Our ongoing challenge is continuing to work through the exorbitant number of those needing help.


Immanuel House/ICU Men’s Recovery

Immanuel House has been a local staple of men’s recovery for the past several years.

We have housed 32 this year and 19 are still living strong, recovered lives.

While these numbers exceed our national average by over 50%, we were prompted by the leading of the Holy Spirit to open ICU in May of 2020.

ICU, our men’s intensive recovery program, has a 90% graduation rate (90 day program).

14 of the men are still in process, and while numbers could never reflect the true impact, it is exciting to know that we are continuing to surpass and truly exceed expectations.

As we reflect on 2020 and are grateful for the opportunity to serve, our challenge remains to provide more bedspace for those in need.


Fishes and Loaves

As a response to those desperately in need during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we began providing food for families. This great need organically developed into a distribution/delivery hub we have tabbled as “Fishes and Loaves,” We trust God for resources in the middle of what would appear to be insurmountable circumstances, and He always delivers! As we streamlined our process and became more efficient, we developed relationships with many different ministries/organizations. The following represent our growth points throughout 2020:

Developed a database with all pertinent information for delivery points.

Formed a 10 Ministry Cooperative to reach those throughout the CSRA

Moved operations to our own location, opened Fishes and Loaves pantry in accordance Golden Harvest specifications

Delivered over 100 tons of food into the CSRA with a heavy concentration on 30904 (Harrisburg)

Provided meals for students during the summer working with Richmond County Nutrition Services

Facilitated several food drives with various ministries/churches

Consistently fed our disabled veterans and recently partnered with VA Homeless/Wounded Warriors division

Our fulfillment site was a mobile market delivery hub that served over 800 vehicles in our partnership with Golden Harvest Food Bank.

Partnered with Boys/Girls Club to provide breakfast for kids during delay in start of school


Community Partnerships

143 has historically partnered with others to serve our community, but 2020 provided an awesome opportunity during arguably the most critical time in our nation’s history.. As businesses shut down, we opened our hearts, arms, and service to the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).

As we began to thrive in reaching our community, here are a few of the partnerships we developed this year:

Golden Harvest Food Bank

Meals on Wheels

Veterans United

Boys/Girls Club of CSRA

10 Church Coalition

Richmond County Nutrition Services/Board of Education


Burn Foundation

Augusta Metro/Columbia County Chamber of Commerce

Good Neighbor Ministries/Job Placement

As we continue to expand our areas of service, organizations are acknowledging our commitment level, and we are providing the love to serve, along with the most valuable commodity, human capital.


River/River Youth

During the onset of the pandemic we were forced to temporarily stop the River service at which time we mobilized our congregation to feed families in need, which was the beginning of our food ministry, Fishes & Loaves. After several weeks we began gathering outside at Byrd Plantation, then later at Euchee Creek Elementary, and finally in early fall we returned to Good News Church.

Our River service on Friday evenings is a powerful worship and word experience that draws us nearer as adults, and it allows our children to have their own unique experience as well. Kids from the ages of 4 – 12 years of age are introduced to Jesus in a simplistic, enjoyable, and liberating way.

Our River kids enjoy movie nights, game nights, and other interactive teaching. We do provide snacks and drinks for the kids. All of our instructors are subjected to criminal background checks and adhere to all child safety guidelines.

River Youth are our teenagers (grades 6 through 12) who meet every first and third Saturday of each month. Our leadership team transitions from our Friday River services and commits to ensuring that our teenagers are provided with the support needed during this very critical stage of their lives. Here are a few of the activities/curriculum offered as the word of God being our guide:

Understanding our emotions

Forums on sex and drugs and their consequences

One-on-one counseling for young men and women

Games and other activities



His Hands

Our “handyman” type service birthed from men in recovery, was a result of wanting to give back into the community. This ministry started in August of 2020 and has supplied numerous cost affordable services for those with limited funds and various needs. Among those services are:


Plumbing, electrical services

Flooring, general home repair/renovation


Social Media Team

The need for a social media department became apparent in June of 2020. As the need for Fishes and Loaves became a prevalent resource in the CSRA, other organizations sought out the unique value added services that are offered.

Along with all of the other respective branches of ministry growing, and more importantly, to inform the community, we consolidated our media platforms.

We have grown into an all-encompassing bird’s eye view for His ministry and beyond. We continue to capture the culture of 143 ministries, provide information and resources, spark awareness, and SERVE others. Since its inception, here’s a snapshot of our progress:

Began with approximately 150 followers

Have increased our reach to over 15,000 profiles

Interactions and real-time assistance have improved 80%

We are intent on moving forward by providing information, education, direction and ultimately leading people to Jesus.


143 Prayer Team Ministry

Our Monday evening corporate prayer was established in the Spring of 2018. Using “Bombarding Heaven” as the initial mantra, what started with a group of 40 on Facebook Messenger continues to grow.

We are operating in the following, but are certainly not limited to:

Parking lot/On site prayer groups

Partnership with Pastoral Team

Hospital/Emergency Response Deployment

Friday evening River Ministry

Recovery prayer lists, as well as current residential and aftercare

We continue to disciple, intercede, and minister to others, and we continue to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior.