Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground is our outreach ministry in Port Richey, Florida, the hometown of our youth pastor, Ito Robles. Several years ago, when Ito first met Cliff, he shared his dream of helping people in his hometown who struggled with addiction the way we help people in Augusta. After five years of praying and believing, God has opened the door for 143 Ministries to do just that!

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We have made connections with several churches in Port Richey that desire to reach those suffering from addiction.  These churches have welcomed us and are partnering with us as we assist them in implementing our approach. Starting in 2021, 143 began sending a team to Port Richey monthly for the purpose of teaching the curriculum used in our recovery programs. During this time, we began seeing people hunger for change and desire to get free from addiction.  Recently, we have begun having people seeking inpatient treatment come to Augusta to receive treatment help.

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We have received a vision for how to reach those He desires for us to reach, and we are committed to walking out that vision as we yield to God to lead us to do His work in Port Richey. We believe God has opened this door and that this is just the beginning of what He will do through us in Florida. For more information about our outreach