Cooking for a Cause

Cooking for a Cause is a BBQ & Catering ministry that was created to pull people together to support one another through something that we all love- food! 

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Cooking for a Cause partners with local ministries, organizations or causes within our community who are doing the work of the Lord in an effort to raise awareness about the mission each organization represents, and the money it takes to do so. We believe that the Lord is leading us to create these partnerships to strengthen the overall mission of what we have aimed to do since we first opened our doors- take the CSRA back for Christ. Which requires unity and love. 

Another goal of this new ministry is to combat the stigma surrounding recovering addicts and recovery ministries. It is a way for us to get recovered addicts out into the community to serve in a way that allows people to get to know them and see what they are actually like once the drugs and alcohol have been removed. They’re just normal people, living normal lives, trying to gain reentry into society and put their pasts behind them.

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If you are or know of a local organization that would like to partner with us feel free to email us at