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Katherine’s Way, affectionately known as “KW”, is a Christ-centered, sober living home for women. Here at KW, we use the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous paired with a relationship with Jesus to bring women into the solution of recovery. This proven method is how the founders, Clifton and Ana Nobles, were able to recover. Therefore, they wish to share the freedom they have found with those who are still struggling with addiction, which is why Katherine’s Way was birthed.

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Katherine’s Way was named on behalf of Clifton’s late grandmother who continually loved him and prayed for him in his darkest days. She never gave up on him; even when he had completely given up on himself. He battled drug addiction for two decades, but today he has been free from addiction for nearly a decade.  Clifton and Ana, his wife, have helped countless others get free from addiction by doing what Katherine did for him; loving people despite their shortcomings. This is the heart behind this ministry.

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Recovery Frequently Asked Questions


Katherine’s Way Transitional Living »

Our experience has proven that the transition process is just as vital as the intensive phase of our program. Although transition is not mandatory , we see it as an equally important phase to this program and suggest a 6-9 month transition period under the umbrella of KW. We have seen that somewhere around this mark of time, all of the instruction that was taught at KW, when honestly and willingly applied, becomes second nature and fruit of this new life begins to manifest.

Residents will be required to maintain the following:

  • Must attend at least three 12-step meetings and one church service a week.
  • Demonstrate prosocial behavior, including living in accountability with others and be willing to follow suggestions.
  • Know and obey all house rules, including curfew.
  • Work a respectable job in order to pay all bills.

  “You were not born to get sober but you must get sober to find out why you were born.

Katherine’s Way Scholarship Fund »

The directors and staff at Katherine’s Way have burdened hearts for addicts who cannot get treatment due to lack of financial resources. Because of this burden, a scholarship fund has been created to help those who cannot fully pay the tuition to attend the program. This scholarship is designed to help provide funding for women seeking to recover from addiction. This fund will provide partial or full scholarships to women participating in Katherine’s Way, based on the candidate’s financial need. If a woman seeking recovery is unable to afford a portion of or the full monthly cost, a scholarship may be utilized to offset those cost, when the funds are available.

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