How do I go about getting into 143’s recovery program?

Call 1-800-560-7143 Ext.1 for Katherine’s way our women’s program or Ext 2. for
Immanuel House our men’s program

Do we accept insurance?


How long is the program?

90 days

Do we offer scholarships?

Yes, there will be an additional interview to determine if the potential resident qualifies.

What do we teach?

We incorporate the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Bible, which help the resident get off drugs and alcohol and have a life transformation.

What does the day consist of at in our recovery houses?

Wake up @ 7 am, complete chores and household responsibilities, and five teaching
meetings throughout the day.

Do we allow medication?

Yes, but there are restrictions. NO mind or mood alternating substances

Do we offer aftercare after 90 days?

Yes, upon completing the 90-day program, we provide a transitional living program to
residents who have shown progress throughout the program

Do we offer any classes for the families?

No, we provide a list of outside resources.

Do we allow smoking?

Yes, in designated areas only.

What are the sleeping/living arrangements?

Our facility is a house that the residents will share with roommates.

What do the fees cover?

All books, study materials, drug testing, transportation, housing, utilities, meals, and

What do they need to bring in with them?

No more than two small/medium suitcases of clothes equaling 2 weeks worth of clothing.
We have hygiene products here, but the residents can bring their own. Photo ID if possible.

For all other questions, please reach out to us at